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  • Parks and Recreation: Planning the Epistemic Community

    Manuel Pastor, Chris Benner

    Chapter from the book: Pastor M. & Benner C. 2015. Equity, Growth, and Community: What the Nation Can Learn from America's Metro Areas.


    Chapter 4 examines instances in which there were quite explicit planning processes designed to actually create a shared knowledge community at the metropolitan level. One of the clearest examples of this is in the Salt Lake City metro region, where a nonprofit planning group called Envision Utah has helped create a deep sense of regional consciousness about population- and housing-growth strategies and decisions. We also look at the Sacramento metro region, a place where a “Blueprint Process” was actually undertaken by the local council of governments to help the region’s residents recognize their common and interconnected fate, particularly around issues of transportation, land use, and housing development.

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    Pastor M. & Benner C. 2015. Parks and Recreation: Planning the Epistemic Community. In: Pastor M. & Benner C, Equity, Growth, and Community. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.6.d

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    Published on Oct. 12, 2015