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    Alexander Key

    Chapter from the book: Key, A. 2018. Language between God and the Poets: Maʿnā in the Eleventh Century.


    This chapter surveys the discipline of Islamic theology, ʿilm al-kalām, with a focus on the core conceptual vocabulary of maʿnā and ḥaqīqah. It uses the work of Ibn Fūrak, and to a lesser extent, al-Qāḍī ʿAbd al-Ǧabbār. It deals with atomism, the Aristotelian accident, and the epistemological structures of lexical and ontological accuracy, in addition to the classic Islamic theological questions of acquisition (kasb), God’s speech (kalām allāh), and speech in the soul (kalām nafsī). Concluding remarks address the status of the distinction between mind and extramental world.

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    Key, A. 2018. Theology. In: Key, A, Language between God and the Poets. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.54.f

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    Published on Aug. 28, 2018