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  • Sounding Islam

    Patrick Eisenlohr

    Chapter from the book: Eisenlohr, P. 2018. Sounding Islam: Voice, Media, and Sonic Atmospheres in an Indian Ocean World.


    The first chapter situates the ethnography of devotional practices among Mauritian Muslims within the anthropology of voice, sound, and media. Addressing the issue of sound and Islam within larger debates on the sonic dimensions of religion, this chapter introduces the key concepts of transduction and atmosphere. The chapter charts the book’s intellectual path at the intersection of sociocultural (including semiotic) anthropology and neo-phenomenological approaches to sound as atmospheres

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    Eisenlohr, P. 2018. Sounding Islam. In: Eisenlohr, P, Sounding Islam. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.53.a

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    Published on June 8, 2018