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  • Desirable and Failed Citizen-Subjects

    Shenila Khoja-Moolji

    Chapter from the book: Khoja-Moolji, S. 2018. Forging the Ideal Educated Girl: The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia.


    This chapter examines Urdu periodicals and policy documents published during the early decades after the political independence of Pakistan in 1942. The ideal educated girl appears as a ‘future-mother’ who fulfills her responsibility to the nation as a biological and cultural producer of the next generation of citizens, or the ‘daughter-worker’ who participates in the economic development of the nation through waged-work. This, however, does not mean that women make progress in terms of securing greater rights. The constructs of ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ guard against women’s independence from the patriarchal family and nation-state.

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    Khoja-Moolji, S. 2018. Desirable and Failed Citizen-Subjects. In: Khoja-Moolji, S, Forging the Ideal Educated Girl. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.52.c

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    Published on June 1, 2018


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