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  • Forging the Remittances-to- Development Nexus

    Matt Bakker

    Chapter from the book: Bakker, M. 2015. Migrating into Financial Markets: How Remittances Became a Development Tool.


    This chapter details and unpacks three sets of policies designed and promoted by purveyors of the remittances-to-development agenda that promise to link remittance flows to development in the global South. These policy constructs suggest that remittances can be linked to development by (1) reducing the remittance transfer costs paid by migrants, (2) using remittances to promote financial democracy, and (3) constructing new innovative financial mechanisms from cross-border remittance flows. The analysis of the significant governmental work required to make these so-called market-based solutions a reality demonstrates the wide gulf that exists between the ideology of market fundamentalism and practice of neoliberal globalization.

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    Bakker, M. 2015. Forging the Remittances-to- Development Nexus. In: Bakker, M, Migrating into Financial Markets. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.5.c

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    Published on Sept. 30, 2015