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  • Temple as Praxis: Agency in the Field in Southern Rājāsthan

    Deborah L. Stein

    Chapter from the book: Stein, D. 2018. The Hegemony of Heritage: Ritual and the Record in Stone.


    Chapter 6: Temple as praxis examines local Rajasthani rituals in the twenty-first centuries at early medieval temple sites. Myth and Ritual studies methods from anthropology and folklore illuminate the tantalizing parallels between medieval iconography and contemporary ritual. Is there such a thing as a portrait of a deity? What is the role of photography? This chapter includes ethnographic fieldwork accounts of holidays such as Daśa Mātā Pūjā, Ṣītalasaptami, Mahāśivrātri, and the annual Tailor’s Fair to highlight the important role of these medieval monuments in contemporary praxis.

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    Stein, D. 2018. Temple as Praxis: Agency in the Field in Southern Rājāsthan. In: Stein, D, The Hegemony of Heritage. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.46.g

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    Published on May 4, 2018


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