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  • The Evangelical Hustle: Selling Music, Saving Souls

    Christina Zanfagna

    Chapter from the book: Zanfagna, C. 2017. Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels.


    Chapter 4 examines the evangelical hustle of Los Angeles gospel rappers—that is, the daily moves they made to manage money, morality, and musical creativity through the twin pursuits of missionizing and marketing, as well as how they “got their hustle on” for Christ instead of cash. The everyday flows and monetary exchanges involved in gospel hip hop street evangelism—the allocation of “formal” church offerings, informal “love offerings” given to artists, gospel rappers’ repeated denials of payment for their CDs and musical services, and spontaneous gestures of generosity and resource sharing—complicated purely economic notions of success and capital. In this unique spiritual economy, gospel rappers transposed words and actions from the realm of gangbanging to street evangelism.

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    Zanfagna, C. 2017. The Evangelical Hustle: Selling Music, Saving Souls. In: Zanfagna, C, Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels. California: University of California Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1525/luminos.35.e

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    Published on Aug. 29, 2017